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        Northwood provides software that can keep you in control of your machine. Stay on top and keep your machine running. All of the software packages at Northwood provide cutting edge information to make sure you know what you need to, to keep your business running.


        BackupNOW? Automatic VHD Backup

        When your livelihood depends on your CNC, Northwood is there.? BackupNOW? is the best backup of your CNC – tool settings, machine settings, user settings, program settings and more.? It is AUTOMATIC and COMPLETE; and, BackupNOW? is incremental, real-time protection, both LOCALLY and in the CLOUD.? BackupNOW? includes all hardware, software, restoration phone support, and 250 GB of online storage. Don’t leave your future to chance – BackupNOW works behind-the-scenes to get you back up and running in as little as an hour!

        BackupNOW? Detailed specifications

        • VHD images (a digital snapshot of the entire drive) are saved onto a USB drive in the computer (up to 115GB).
        • VHD images up to 250GB are ALSO saved onto a Northwood Amazon S3 Server, referred to as the “Cloud” (Additional online storage can be purchased).
        • After the first image, new images are incremental (only stores the changes from the last image), making backups very small and fast.
        • All images are compressed with the zlib compression algorithm for maximum reliability.
        • File backups are also available, which back up entire folders and keep them sync’d with our web service.
        • Northwood’s Amazon S3 Server is designed for durability of 99.999999999% of objects.? This means you can depend on it.
        • The cloud is there, even when something catastrophic happens to your shop (fire, lightning strike, sabotage…)
        • The local backups not only offer redundancy, but they are FAST – Once the new hard drive is installed, you’re back up and running in as little as an hour.

        Northwood Live

        • Keep track of the operator of your machine. ?See their daily progress.
        • See how many Square Feet and Linear Feet your machine has cut.
        • Compare your machines to each other to see which one is running more efficiently.
        • Take charge of your maintenance tasks to keep your machine running.
        • Use BackupNOW to make sure that your machine is backed up in case of a component failure.
        • Receive Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and/or Annual email notifications with updates on your machine.
        • See how much usage you are getting out of each Tool including the Saw and Water Jet.
        • View Alarms received on the Machine
        • Get help with general problems

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