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        5-Axis Gantry Products


        The fixed table, moving gantry 5-Axis Northwood CNC Machining center provides a large work envelope of up to 12ft (3658mm) by 12ft with an impressive 72in (1829 mm) Z-Axis stroke. These routers feature optional linear and rotary enclosures to achieve the required tolerances. Northwood provides a low-profile ergonomic table that allows for easy loading of parts for processing.

        With the FANUC 310i-B5 CNC, the machine is able to achieve the highest level of accuracy with the most advanced features available in CNC machines today. Tool Center Point (TCP) technology allows for exact interpolation of the center point while in full 5-axis simultaneous machining mode.

        Northwood uses the latest in Laser Metrology from Faro to ensure each machine starts with the best possible alignment and is within tolerance. The Faro Laser Xi Tracker is capable of tracking the machines work envelope to ensure uniform accuracy and precision throughout the machining area.

        5-Axis Traveling Gantry TG Series

        Northwood 5-Axis Traveling Gantry TG Machine Specifications: 61″ x 145″ vacuum worktable with full-coverage for 5-axis machining.? Also features an optional 6th Axis Rotary Indexer in order to allow parts to be automatically turned during […]

        Five Axis – Large Work Envelope

        The Northwood 5-Axis CNC machines have the power and accuracy for any job.  Standard spindle offerings are available from 8.5HP to 40HP and up to 40,000RPM.  Northwood builds machines with work envelopes up to 15ft […]

        Five Axis – Moving Gantry “Fixed Table” with Shuttles

        The Northwood 5-Axis Double Column Moving Gantry with twin in-feed shuttle tables provide increased production capacity.  The FA277FT features flood or dry cutting ability.  The high-torque spindle with optional through tool coolant, dual exterior high […]

        Five Axis – Moving Gantry “Fixed Table”

        The large work envelope, high precision, accuracy, and the flexibility to work with different composite and alloy materials, give the Northwood FA (5-Axis) Series machine an edge when working within the Aerospace CNC Machinery industry […]


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