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        Stone Router Products


        In 2001, we were challenged by a customer to build a stone machine. Designing a machine from the ground up enabled us to engineer something built for one purpose; machining stone!? Northwood built the first monoblock low profile stone router in the industry. This machine design breakthrough makes loading & unloading parts easy and fast. We also introduced state of the art ball screw drives, FANUC motion controls and Northwood Legacy Engineering to the stone industry. That is a powerful combination.


        FANUC? is one of the most respected and widely used digital servo control systems in the motion control industry. The FANUC? drive system coupled with precision ground ball screw drives are designed to carry immense loads with unbelievable precision. The 40mm ball screws are designed to provide years of trouble-free operation with simple maintenance and zero adjustments. The best motion controls and high precision drive systems provide the SW138 with the highest level of accuracy when making parts. This high level of accuracy on the finished parts is the “Northwood Difference.”


        Northwood introduced the Extreme Duty Spindle in 2006.? Unlike the commonly used electrospindle, the EDS was engineered with stone fabrication in mind. The EDS design separates the motor from the spindle, ensuring a longer life with fewer repairs. This spindle design provides a huge amount of torque at low RPM. Leathering slabs will not overload the spindle. We are so confident in our spindle design that we offer a 3-year warranty.


        Since the introduction of our first stone router, we have developed many refinements and innovations. These improvements are the byproduct of listening to our customers and constantly striving to refine and perfect the machine.

        • Lasers position parts and pods on the work surface
        • Remote for operation of laser and vacuum systems
        • Remote machine control diagnostics
        • StoneVision fabrication software & AlphaCAM
        • Stone Fabricator Interface (SFI)
        • Automatic Tool Management (ATM) Barcode system
        • Laser Tool Calibration (LTC) for measuring tooling
        • Corrosion Resistant Paint, hardware and rails
        • Lifetime phone support and personnel training
        • 3-year EDS spindle warranty


        Northwood designed ATM to handle an infinite number of tools in any configuration. Operators can place tools anywhere on the machine and the machine will find them. This eliminates errors and increases efficiency. To make things better, the SW138 has an integrated laser measurement system to make tool setup and wear management easier on the operator. Visual tool verification and management is another part of the “Northwood Difference.”


        THE INDUSTRY LEADER This model exceeds the challenging needs of most contemporary stone fabricators. The large work envelope (156″ x 96″)  allows the operator to process an entire slab worth of countertops in one setup.  […]


        SUPERSIZED The 158 was designed from the ground up for the modern stone fabricator who desires an even bigger machine. With a massive work envelope of 180″ x 96″ and the same quality machine components […]


        Architectural Millwork or Building Stone Machining Centers The Northwood 138-AM Router for the Architectural Millwork industry was designed with the same EDS (Extreme Duty Spindle) technology, but with 30″ of Z-Stroke.? The machine is specifically […]


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